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Mental Game Tip 23: Attitude, Behavior & Execution – The Formula for Success

Several years ago, a major advertising campaign focused on the principle, "You are what you eat."  In the world of sports psychology and mental endurance training, the principle becomes "You are what you think, act and execute." It has long been known that thoughts, attitudes and beliefs power behavior.  Those athletes ... More

Trust In Competition

Letting go of conscious controlling tendencies and allowing one's skills to be run off from motor memory (or what you practiced) instead of conscious directives from the mind.  There are two mindsets that control much of an athletes performance:   Practice Mind set, and the Trust/Performance Mind set. Trust in Competition... More

Vision Statements for Seasonal Performance

A vision statement is just that: a statement of the vision / intention, or goal, of an organization, or individual athlete. The vision statement is a personal contract with yourself for ethical behavior, performance goals, and more specifically how you wish to portray yourself to yourself, the team, the college or university. ... More

Concentration on a scale of 1-10.

Corporate executives, world leaders, and and world class athletes are masters at having self-confidence, competitive tenacity, and have a much higher degree of managing emotional control than many other people. It's their high level of desire to achieve that gives them the motivation to set goals and let nothing stand in the ... More