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Mental Game Tip 18: Quiet the Inner Critic

The old adage says "I'm my own best critic" and how true that can be!  No matter what happens most of think we can be exercising  more often, practicing our sports routines with greater frequency, eating a more balanced diet, getting better quality sleep, and so forth.  Let’s face it, busy lives lead to busy schedules and ... More

The ABC’s of Confidence

The principles associated with Confidence Conditioning is all the mindset you bring to competition and how you act on that mindset in conditions that are favorable, and those of great stress.  Many athletes try and control their performance, and also the environment.  The trick is to understand that not everything can be ... More

How do I Stay Positive when Things Are Just Not Going My Way?

You have choices and options in just about any situation. You just have to figure out what your options are and then make a decision about the re-direction you plan to take. Let’s take a simple approach to the situation to illustrate a point. You have a choice to be angry with yourself, with your coach, with other teammates, ... More