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Mental Game Tip 2: Success is Based on the Environment You Control

Whenever we succeed at something we want to succeed at it again. Sometimes we look for reasons to support why we succeeded. I know it sounds strange, but when repetitive success is difficult to achieve we attach hopes and dreams to the things we believe are directly associated with our success like an apparatus configuration ... More

Mental Game Tip: Mental Preparation for Critical Games

"Mentally you know how to prepare yourself better for games and put the other stuff on the side and clear your mind for when the game starts. You're more aware of what matters and what doesn't. And you just know how to mentally prepare yourself for games and be ready to play when they do start. Because there is a lot of stuff ... More

How to Stay Focused When Progress is Slow?

Keep in mind that progress can be slow in coming at times. Practice is all about developing the confidence and trust in your ability with the new skill before you take it to the competitive arena. I understand your frustration with not seeing the improvements when you want to see them. When progress is slow you can choose to reframe your thought process and focus on the progress in other areas. More

Concentration on a scale of 1-10.

Corporate executives, world leaders, and and world class athletes are masters at having self-confidence, competitive tenacity, and have a much higher degree of managing emotional control than many other people. It's their high level of desire to achieve that gives them the motivation to set goals and let nothing stand in the ... More