Seminars, teleconferences and on-site training are a great choice for training individual athletes, teams, coaches and sports parents.  Select an area of interest to learn more about the programs available at Protex Sports.

Seminars for Sports Teams

Every competitive team desires to be at the top of the game, the top of the league, and the well recognized champion.  There is nothing more invigorating and exciting than experiencing the joy and feeling that comes with meeting your goals and being successful.  Not every team, however knows what it takes to be a winner or how a team is supposed to go forward with a winning mindset.  Not every team knows the formula for team success, or how important attitude, behavior, and execution are to overall success.  I am here to tell you there is a Formula for Success that every successful team must incorporate to achieve success and greatness.

In this seminar you will learn what it takes to have a winning team.

You will learn :

1.  The importance of Mental Training & Assessing Your Mental Focus

2.  How to Identify Your Zone Focus

3.  The Top Barriers to a Focused Team

4.  Refocusing Strategies

5.  How to use Process Goals to Achieve a Zone Focus

6.  Much, Much More…


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*In-person individual athlete sessions available upon request.

Seminars for Sports Coaches

Coaches all over the country are constantly looking for ways and means to improve their team’s performance on and off the field.  With the pressures of today’s stringent academic and extracurricular requirements it can be a challenge to keep athletes focused on and engaged in giving all they have to the competitive spirit to win and the importance of teamwork.

As a coach you have the responsibility to ensure that each and every one of your athletes is giving their all during practice and in competition. It’s challenging to give every athlete the same amount of attention and individual instruction.

In this one-two hour seminar you will:

1.  Learn of the Top Barrier’s to the teams’ performance.

2.  The Top Substitution Strategies for improving the Teams Performance.

3.  Strategies for Motivating the Team when the Chips are down.

4.  How to implement Team Accountability

5.  The Key Elements to Strong Leadership

6.  Other Strategies to get the most out of your Team’s Performance


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*In-person sessions available upon request.

Seminars for Sports Parents

Sports parents, did you know that 75% of all young athletes drop out of sports by the time they are 13?  They drop out because taking part in youth athletics is no longer enjoyable for them.

As a parent, you have the ability and responsibility to ensure that your child or teen gets all the physical, social, and emotional benefits of playing sports – and “remains in the game”.  Whether you are a parent of a #1 competitor or the parent of a child who just started to engage in a sporting activity, this 1 or 2 hour seminar will help you improve your child’s confidence and enjoyment in sports.  The seminar will teach you how to best support your young athlete as they are challenged with the many expectations and the “mental game” pressures associated with taking part in youth sports programs.

In this seminar we identify:

1.  The Top Challenges for you as a Sports Parent

2.  The Top “Mental Game” Challenges for Kids.

3.  Implement Support and Coping Strategies to help strengthen support your young athletes.

4.  Implement Performance Improvement Strategies

5.  Develop the Ultimate Mental Edge Tool Box for Sports Parents.

Contact us for booking and pricing information on a seminar for your organization.


* Flexible programs available for parents including onsite and via teleconference.

Seminars for Sports Kids

As a sports kid my guess is that you are participating because you either are extremely competitive and like to be a winner. Maybe you just like to be part of a team and enjoy the overall feeling of being a member of a group of kids that collectively have a good time and love to have fun. One way or another it’s important to have fun, to do your best, experience the feeling of success and build confidence in your ability as an athlete.  I am here to tell you this is all possible, as you may already know, but there are plenty of distractions that can easily take you away from the joy you wish to experience.

Sometimes its hard expecting to be the best, playing up to someone else’s expectations, worrying about what someone is saying about your performance, staying focused, being confidence, and keeping a lid on when the pressure gets really intense.  Everyone experiences these challenges, but not everyone knows what to do when these challenges get in the way of your success and enjoyment.

Are you:

1. Worrying too much about what others think or who is watching you perform or what someone else is saying about your performance?

2. Do you lose confidence when you make mistakes, then doubt whether you can make things happen and then start having negative thoughts about your performance?

3. Do you become easily frustrated and have trouble letting go of mistakes.

4. Do you have difficulty taking what you have learned in practice to the game and performing your best.

These and other challenges can simply derail your overall desire to compete and damage your confidence.  Have no fear because in this seminar we will talk about these and other challenges and you will learn strategies to beat these and other challenges.  For more information click on the button below.

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* Flexibility for onsite and via teleconference.

Live Teleconference Seminars

Each Teleconference Program* Includes:

  • 4 – Teleconference Sessions (45 minutes per session)
  • Conference Telephone number provided
  • Session Outline & Materials provided via email
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Current Topic Options:

  • Replacing Strict Expectations with Process Goals
  • Poise and Letting Go of Mistakes
  • Mental Preparation Routines for Success
  • Being Your Own Best Coach and Letting Go of Errors
  • Trust and Striving for Perfection
  • How You Block the Performance Mindset and Alternatives
  • Practice Plans and Strategies for A Performance Mindset
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Coaches and Teams:

Current Topic Options:

  • Importance of Mental Training & Assessing Mental Focus
  • Identifying Zone Performance
  • Top Barriers to a Focused Team
  • Defining Task Relevant Performance Cues
  • Refocusing Strategies for Improved Performance
  • Coping Strategies for Any Challenge
  • Using Process Goals to Achieve a Zone Focus
  • Team Accountability
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Sports Parents:

Current Topic Options:

  • Positive Communication with your Athlete
  • What to do About Motivation
  • Helping Kids Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks
  • Helping Young Athletes Deal with Competitive Pressure
  • Providing Positive Support Following a Loss
  • What to Say to Your Young Athletes in the Car on the Way Home
  • Instilling a Competitive Edge in Your Young Athlete
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Performance Success for Sports Kids:

Current Topic Options:

  • How to Access Composure in Kids
  • Helping Kids with Expectations and Goals for Success
  • Helping Kids to Focus on What They Control
  • Helping Kids Have More Self-Acceptance
  • Helping Kids Let Go of Mistakes and Move Forward
  • Helping Kids to Have a Back-Up Plan (B) When “Challenges Occur”
  • Helping Kids Mentally Prepare for Composure on Game Day
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* Flexibility for onsite as an alternative to Teleconference