The mission of the Protex Sports Psychology Programs is to promote the student and professional athlete’s mental game learning and development. Consistent with Protex Sports mission to “educate the whole person”, our sport psychology program promotes the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, athletic and personal development of all athletes using applied sport psychology principles in a sport performance setting. Through a process of identifying the fears, mental barriers and other mental skills challenges, we are able to develop strategies to find and build on success.

We believe that a healthy, mentally tough mindset is the key element to improving performance and creating confidence. This unique approach is the very core of our mental skills training program and is used to assist athletes to achieve new heights in their athletic performance, and personal lives.


Athletic Success:

Serious athletes are dedicated to their sport. They devote many hours to the physical preparation through practice, creating routines and refining skills; however, the key to athletic success relies on the mental preparation of sport performance. Through mental preparation and the utilization of mental training skills and strategies, the mind of a champion can be further developed to strengthen confidence, refine focus or build composure.

Protex Sports works with teams and individuals to enhance their mental toughness skills to gain a mental edge over their competition. We reveal the challenges that get in the way of performance success and then assist the athlete to eliminate the mental barriers or obstacles that impact performance. We look at each athlete, and identify their individual fears, challenges and beliefs that have an affect on how they perform. Our holistic approach encourages athletes to look for both external *and* internal factors that influence their thoughts and ultimately, their behaviors.

Personal Success:

Sports and athletics are typically associated with enjoyment, camaraderie and prestige; however, there are also a wide range of unique pressures which face all competitive athletes. There are rigorous schedules filled with practice, educational demands, as well as traveling to and from competitions. Then, there are the demands of coping with injuries, adjusting to the expectations of teammates, coaches, parents, and spectators as well as being a highly visible member of the community. While these are all part of being involved in sports, these demands create additional stress on athletes which can adversely impact performance.

At Protex Sports, we understand the unique stressors which athletes encounter on a daily basis. We help athletes, varsity-students or professionals, find life balance between their love for sport and the many demands of life. Our sport psychology programs incorporate clinical and applied perspectives to ensure that athletes have the mental stamina, and appropriate tools to succeed both in life and in sports. We believe the athlete that performs with healthy thoughts, and a clear performance process orientation is much more equipped to meet the daily challenges of competition and in turn achieve greater levels of success and enjoyment in life.