Coaching Services

Sports specific coaching FOR ALL SPORTS, TEAMS, AND athletes OF ALL LEVELS PROVIDES one-on-one coaching related to his/her specific sport. Included in sports specific coaching is:

  • Mental Aptitude Assessment Profile — find out where you are mentally strong, and the specific areas that keep you from reaching your potential.
  • Mental Game Plan (MGP) — This is a customized plan FOCUSED on SPECIFIC mental toughness areas REQUIRING improvement and/or specific focus.  Examples include: goal setting and monitoring, improving confidence, maintaining composure, coping with injury, getting and staying focused, overcoming perfectionism and fear, COPING with mistakes, not letting frustration or anger override your performance.
  • Weekly meetings (in person by phone or on the playing field.) to facilitate the custom MGP and celebrate advances in mental skills and performance success.
  • Training Materials and Handouts. The curriculum is designed to provide each athlete with all mental game handouts, reading materials, and workbooks.
  • Sport specific mental imagery script — no matter the sport, Coach John will develop a custom mental imagery script to help you find and stay in your “zone” faster and easier, better prepare you mentally for competition, and provide you with a plan to continuously improve your mental toughness skills
  • Success Monitoring and Ongoing Performance Evaluation. Using a customized set of tools developed by John each days progress is closely monitored and recorded.
  • Final Assessment and Program Evaluation.
  • Unlimited, FREE access to all PREMIUM CONTENT on the website which is filled with tips, strategies, etc. to improve every aspect of mental skills and mental toughness.

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One-on-one Sport Psychology Sessions

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For the most personalized experience, our one-on-one sport psychology sessions are ideal for serious athletes who want to discuss the issues that are hindering peak performance. We work one-on-one either in person or via long distance (fax, email, telephone). To maximize the mental game coaching experience, we offer one-one-one sport psychology sessions in three, six or twelve month packages consisting of 4 sessions per month. Contact us for pricing information, or to set up a personalized package option!

Individual packages include: Our extensive baseline assessment to determine the mental obstacles that may be impacting performance, 4 sessions per month with a sports psychology professional (meeting either by phone or in-person*), and unlimited email correspondence.


*In-person sessions subject to availability.

Team Mental Game Coaching Programs

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Often times coaches are confronted with team performance, cohesion, focus, confidence, or composure challenges that keep the team from reaching the goals they have collectively set. Knowledge and insight into what is getting in the way of a team’s success can be invaluable to a coach and the team. First through assessment, with coaches and the team, and then through a series of team based seminars we identify the mental obstacles to success and offer strategies and tools designed to help the team regain their mental edge. Team programs are contracted on a month-by-month basis.*


* Flexible team coaching programs available including onsite and via teleconference.

Coaching Consultation/Education Services

Trainers, coaches, parents, physicians and others who work with athletes may recognize the need for a sport psychology professional in an applied sport setting. For example: A coach may call to discuss a team-building exercise; a physician may request an athlete seek assistance from a sport psychology professional after an injury or as part of post surgery rehabilitation; or a parent may desire help with other challenges related to motivation and confidence, or fear of failure. All coaching/education consultation packages are contracted on a month-by-month basis.

Coaching consultation packages include: in-person* or phone consultation, unlimited telephone calls (during weekday office hours) with a sports psychology professional, unlimited email correspondence, and same-day responsiveness to questions or concerns.


* In-person sessions subject to availability.
* Flexible consultation/education programs available including onsite and via teleconference.

One-One Coaching for Sports Parents / Parents and Athlete Coaching

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For the most personalized experience, our one-one Sports Parents coaching sessions are designed to help identify, and address the issues getting in the way of successful interaction with your child or young adults challenges related to their performance or enjoyment with sport participation. Sports Parents gain valuable insight into, for example, perfectionism, doubt, high expectations, pressure, and how anxiety can curtail a young athlete’s success.  In addition parents will walk away armed with tools they can use to effectively manage and strengthen parent/athlete communication relating to sports performance.

Individual packages include: An extensive baseline assessment to identify the parent/athlete communication challenges, as well as the challenges facing the athletes overall performance success and sport participation enjoyment. Four (4) sessions per month with a sports psychology professional (meeting either by phone or in-person), and unlimited email correspondence.

The following is an example of a sport specific program

Baseball Psychology & Mental Game of Baseball

Think like a champion ball player and develop the baseball confidence of a professional with one-one baseball mental game coaching with baseball mental game expert John Ellsworth.

John, having many years of coaching at the high school and college levels as well as his experience at the professional level, has helped baseball players of all ages get past the challenges that get in the way of reaching the peak performance they desire on the mound, at the plate or in the field.

Weather you are a little league ball player, high school, college or professional specialist – baseball mental game coaching can help you improve confidence, focus, and composure on and off the field and will give your baseball performance a needed boost!! You will work on-one with baseball – mental game – expert – Coach “E”.

  • Uncover the attitudes and mental game barriers that prevent you from performing your best
  • Learn mental game strategies to boost your baseball confidence and think like a professional
  • Improve “in game” Focus, Concentration, and Composure.- Learn to Top Key elements to increasing awareness and success at the “plate”, and “on the mound”.
  • Create and implement Pre-game, and Pre-action routines to increase Focus.
  • Develop a strategy to keep your competitive edge, when faced with stressful and challenging situations.

»Learn more about this program [PDF Format]

Specializing in All Sports:

Over 18 years of professional practice in Sport Psychology I have worked with every sport more than once, and some many times like; Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Hockey. The challenges athletes face are horizontal across all sports. The main difference comes down to how the challenges tie in with the personality uniqueness of each individual athlete. In the end, sport psychology is about the complexities of an individuals behavior and how the behavior affects performance.

Athletes and Teams:

Stanford University, San Jose State, Hillsdale College, Santa Clara University, De Anza College, College of San Mateo, West Valley College, ESPN, Fox Sports, Duke University, University of Tennessee, Nike Junior Golf, Professional Track and Field, MLB, NFL, Laney College, University of San Francisco, University of Hawaii, Menlo College, St. Francis High School, Bellarmine Prep, Presentation High School, Valley Christian High School, Arch Bishop Mitty, and a host of other high schools and colleges around the country.