Fortune Telling and Fear Go Hand in Hand

When athletes become overly concerned with what other people (coaches, teammates, parents, spectators, media, scouts, etc) think about their performances they often engage in a process often referred to as mind reading. During the mind reading process the athlete makes certain assumptions about what others think about him. This predicting can ... More

Stress and Burnout in Youth Sports

Athletes, parents and sports psychology professionals often have different ideas about burnout in sports. Research indicates that burnout gets in the way of a young athlete's joy in sport participation, participation longevity, and ultimately performance success. A beginning baseball player has a limited idea whether he is competent or not ... More

Facts about the Benefits of Mental Training

Let's take a moment to touch on a few "Truths" about Mental Game Coaching. ________________________________________________________________________ Fact #1: Mental game coaching helps athletes apply mental game strategies resulting in consistent performance and helping the athlete reach their full potential. The idea is to FREE the mind ... More