Loving the Game

"Love the game so much that you will pass on your love of the game to another athlete who has seen your dedication, your work, your challenges, your triumphs... and then that athlete will, because of you, love the game." ---- Author Unknown Parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors – give the gift of “loving the game” each and every ... More

7 Critical Ideas in Sports Parenting

In my research and more importantly in my practice, I aspire to educate parents about parenting and sports. Some critical ideas I strive to communicate include: 1. Establish open lines of communication with your sports children. Encourage them to talk about their successes, because more often than not they are achieving success. 2. ... More

Consequences of Negative Beliefs on Perfectionism

When the athlete gets caught up in the Perfectionism Dilemma, and fully experiencing the impact of the pain points the ensuing consequences can cause things to spiral out of control.  See if you can identify with one or more of these key points. 1.    You never feel like you are good enough.  The pain gets worse.  How many times have ... More

Getting More Playing Time

Every athlete that comes to me for help almost always wants to improve their performance and get more playing time.  Every parent wants their child to be the best in their sport, have fun, and grow from the lessons sports teaches us about life.  I would like to think all parents want this, but some miss the point and are more focused on ... More