What Coaches Want From Athletes – Basketball

I have been working with high school and college basketball athletes for a number of years and it amazes me how important communication is on and off the court.  There is the support that the bench gives the team on the floor. There is the nonverbal and verbal communication the coaches, trainers and team doctors give to the players on ... More

Young Athletes and Mental Training (Podcast)

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Breaking the Sugar Addiction

The addiction to sugar has been scientifically studied and the results are thought provoking. This article discusses the negative side effects of sugar addiction, the withdrawal symptoms and how you can break the habit of feeding your body with too much sugar. More

How to Deal with Food Cravings – Sugar!!

People who experience a food addiction indulge in stimulants such as sugar, white flour, chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. Giving them up can lead to withdrawal symptoms like unpleasant headaches, intense cravings, depression, and anxiety. One bite can instantaneously alleviate these symptoms while propelling the body to pig out. Remember, ... More