Sports Guidance for Parents

By John R. Ellsworth – Master Mental Game Coach Protex Sports, LLC I think parents should allow their young children to choose the athletic activities they participate in. If they choose to avoid sport participation I believe it’s a parent’s responsibility to strongly encourage daily physical activity as the healthy alternative. ... More

The Mindset of an Olympian – What to Learn!

The Mindset of an Olympian An Olympic mindset starts with the realization that less is more. Keeping it simple is perhaps the best strategy of all.  Missy Franklin has taken an unconventional route to becoming an Olympic gold medalist at this summer’s Olympics in London. Read More More

Dr. Nate Zinsser – Director of Sports Psychology – West Point

“Overthinking is often the problem in golf. Winning requires some forgetfulness. Suppress negative emotions. Concentration, composure, and confidence. Just look and swing! From time to time our minds wander and get sidetracked by the things we don’t want to happen. Worrying about “what ifs” negatively programs the conscious mind ... More

10 Steps to Being the Best Putter – Period!

The last time you and I talked you were concerned about not being able to get the lag putts close enough to two putt the ball in the hole. You even mentioned that you are expecting the lag putts to go in the hole and when they don’t you get frustrated.  You often say, “I should be making the 15 and 20 footers.” “Your performance ... More