Improving your childs performance on the field – Sports Parent

The youngest of my four children, my daughter, plays competitive soccer for a team that is ranked among the top 15U club teams in the nation. Recently, they played in a national tournament at Nike Headquarters in Oregon, the winner of which won an all-expenses paid trip to Sweden to play in a tournament there. We lost in the championship game ... More

Breaking the Sugar Addiction

The addiction to sugar has been scientifically studied and the results are thought provoking. This article discusses the negative side effects of sugar addiction, the withdrawal symptoms and how you can break the habit of feeding your body with too much sugar. More

4 Ways to Be a Better Dad.

Want your kid to develop normally? Take a chill pill. Stress may affect the way your child’s brain develops, says a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. (READ MORE) More

How to Deal with Food Cravings – Sugar!!

People who experience a food addiction indulge in stimulants such as sugar, white flour, chocolate, coffee, and alcohol. Giving them up can lead to withdrawal symptoms like unpleasant headaches, intense cravings, depression, and anxiety. One bite can instantaneously alleviate these symptoms while propelling the body to pig out. Remember, ... More