Michael Jordon on “The Power of The Mind”

“I may have input on the mental capacity of a racer, what his thought process might be in terms of winning and competing. Because in any sport, it's very similar. I can kind of relate how you can look at an event or a challenge and face that challenge.” – Michael Jordan True competitors in all sports have a common ... More

Gary Mac on “The Desire to Achieve” –

“Be motivated by your desire to achieve rather than your fear of failure.” – Gary Mac Athletes can achieve by taking one of two approaches; either you are motivated by fear of failure and try to avoid what you don’t want to happen, or you can identify a goal you want to achieve and set a plan in motion to get it done.  Fear of ... More

Pat Summit (University of Tennessee Women’s Basketball Coach) – Attitude

Attitude is a choice.  Think positive thoughts daily.  Believe in yourself. – Pat Summit Attitude is what makes average athletes into great athletes. It’s not always about skill, but the will and desire to be the best. Having the commitment to be the best is what strengthens ones belief in self.   More

Sharks lost their mental game in the 3rd period. What happened?

The San Jose Sharks lost their mental game in the 3rd period.  Where do they go from here?   "I thought our team looked tired, I thought our team looked sluggish. There are nights when we lose our legs but our minds are still pretty sharp. And that was not the case tonight. I think it started between the ears and worked all the way ... More