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Top 5 Tips to Improve Confidence in Young Athletes

Seventy five percent of all young athletes drop out of sports by the time they are 13 years old.  Why?  Because sports is no longer fun for them. Playing competitively no longer brings them joy and satisfaction. Whether you believe it or not you, as a parent, you have the power to determine whether your child drops out of sports or stays ... More

Aker’s (49ers) the Best Kicker Ever – Is it Mental?

Some might say that Akers got lucky, since his kick did hit the cross bar and then bounce in. I think it only added to the ecstasy of the moment; the reaction of Akers, his teammates, and their coach, Jim Harbaugh, was priceless. Akers is a telling reminder that hard work, determination, and self-confidence trump all. He is the king of the ... More

Optimism and pessimism: What makes us who we are?

Some people appear to be incurable pessimists, seeing the negative in everything. Others are upbeat and optimistic convinced they could cope with whatever life throws at them. At the extremes, these two different ways of seeing the world can tip people towards anxiety and depression or flourishing and well-being.  READ MORE More

Demand Success if you Want Success

Success is a dream many want. Success is after all what one attains with one’s own convictions without hurting another. You do it because it betters your life and that of others around the world. And often you find success is really simply to do things right and well the way you had intended regardless of size of endeavor. However, you find ... More