Mental Toughness Challenge #8: Confidence Building by Tracking Success

Top athletes are successful because they have discovered what it takes to trust in themselves.  They have developed and refined the confidence that strengthens their physical and technical skills. One of the methods used by top athletes is to keep track of their successes.  For example:  an athlete may list specific tasks or activities ... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #7: Process Focused Mindset

In sports, goals are important to achieving new levels of success.  However, these necessary goals can sometimes be a detriment if an athlete focuses too much on the goal, especially when under stress. For example, a basketball player who knows she must make a shot to win the game in the critical last seconds may focus too much on the ... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #6: Beating Fear of Success

All athletes strive to get the win.  They train and practice hoping that refining physical and technical skills will ultimately increase the potential to win and defeat competitors.  With each practice, the odds of success increase, or do they? For some athletes the fear of success can actually hinder success.   Thoughts about how life ... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #5: Beating Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the many mental obstacles which can impact athletic performance. It is characterized by the following: An avoidance of risks. (E.g. plays conservatively, tries to protect score, etc.) A strong concern about what others think about him/her or his or her performance. (E.g. makes assumptions about what others ... More