Mental Toughness Challenge #12: Kids, Parents and Criticism

We’ve all heard them… the parents who pull their children aside and tell the children not to follow a coach’s instruction.  Have you heard of the parents who criticize a child’s performance?  Not only are these parents actually hindering their child’s potential, but they are chipping away at a child’s enthusiasm about sports. ... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #11: Expectations or Performance Objectives?

Even young athletes have heard about now retired, tennis player, John McEnroe.  His emotional outbursts on the tennis courts were classic – yelling at officials, smashing tennis racquets, stopping his feet, and throwing tantrums.  McEnroe is the classic example of a perfectionist athlete who could not accept the consequences of errors, ... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #10: Composure is all about what you Control

It’s natural to feel butterflies, jittery or beads of sweat on your forehead when you’re anxious during a performance.  Even professional athletes experience physical anxiousness.  However, top athletes have learned how to control their mental anxiety to improve performance. Building mental endurance is what can help tame the butterf... More

Mental Toughness Challenge #9: Strategies for Overcoming Adversity

During the presidential elections in 2008 it was interesting to see how each candidate dealt with adversity.  Some opted to withdraw from the race, other persevered on and undeterred by the experience. Adversity among athletes is much like these elections.  Some athletes crack under the pressure.  And others seem to thrive even in the ... More