Visualization is the key to fine tuning your skills

“I think I visualize a lot, I think seeing it before it happens is the key to success. I close my eyes and it takes me two minutes a day, I guarantee I'm able to make about 200 saves a day in my head.” – Martin Brodeur (NHL-New Jersey Devils) Visualization is a form of mental rehear... More

Chris Osgood’s on Mental Preparation for Big Games

“Mentally you know how to prepare yourself better for games and put the other stuff on the side and clear your mind for when the game starts. You're more aware of what matters and what doesn't. And you just know how to mentally prepare yourself for games and be ready to play when they do start. Because there is a lot of stuff going on.” ... More

Pre-Game Routines: Added Focus for Flow

I have been working with a high school golfer that happens to be extremely talented based on natural ability. He plays well 75% of the time, but with a little focused effort to enhance his routines, and by following a written practice plan he could take his game to the next level and play "lights out" golf. So what does it mean to have a ... More

Excelling Under Pressure – What Does it Take?

I am reminded of my own performances of the past and how being under pressure can cause all sorts of haywire things to happen. The pressure may come from a missed execution, a missed call, an error, or simply not being able to battle through a tough situation in a game or event. Athletes who perform under pressure usually enjoy the ... More