Demand Success if you Want Success

Success is a dream many want. Success is after all what one attains with one’s own convictions without hurting another. You do it because it betters your life and that of others around the world. And often you find success is really simply to do things right and well the way you had intended regardless of size of endeavor. However, you find ... More

Wade Boggs on His Pre-game Routine in Baseball

“I went into a cocoon for 15-20 minutes before each game. This was my quite time, my preparation time. I focused on the pitcher and how he would try to get me out. I would envision getting a hit off the pitcher.” – Wade Boggs Pregame routines help you mentally prepare for competition. A pre-game routine can be used to ... More

Imagery in Gymnastics

“It's visualization in a positive sense. I never pictured myself crashing or falling off a beam. I always pictured myself doing my routine perfectly.” – Mary Lou Retton What happens when your mind is focused on failure? You are bombarded with images of failure and naturally can be ... More

6 Objectives for Mental Preparation

I have been using mental preparation strategies for my clients for many years.  There are many places a mental preparation strategy can and will work.  Students use them to prepare for a critical exam. Athletes use them to prepare for a game or performance, and business executives can use them before they deliver a very important presenta... More