Mental Game Tip 25: Process Oriented Performance

Process-oriented performance is what we are most comfortable with. We pick a target, we go through a pre-execution routine, and we pull the trigger. Results-oriented performance is a different story. We think about consequences to bad shots, we focus on the trouble we experience, we get tense and we no longer act, we react. Does this ... More

Mental Game Tip 24: Fear and Performance Roadblocks

Most of the time, an athlete’s fear is worry related to poor results – whether prior to performance or during a performance. Athlete’s often fear the negative consequences of their performance. They worry about the things that are often not under their control.  The threat athlete’s feel can sometimes be irrational and not based in ... More

Mental Game Tip 23: Attitude, Behavior & Execution – The Formula for Success

Several years ago, a major advertising campaign focused on the principle, "You are what you eat."  In the world of sports psychology and mental endurance training, the principle becomes "You are what you think, act and execute." It has long been known that thoughts, attitudes and beliefs power behavior.  Those athletes who have a ... More

Mental Game Tip 21: Mind Reading and Performance Excellence (got ya!)

Second and third graders have a saying that goes something like this: "Paranoia will destroy ya!"  Of course, this isn't the nicest comment to make to each other, but they are kids and to quote Art Linkletter, "Kids Say the Darnest Things!" The reality is, however, that this childhood saying is accurate. When you start mind reading, or ... More