Mental Game Tip 25: Process Oriented Performance

Process-oriented performance is what we are most comfortable with. We pick a target, we go through a pre-execution routine, and we pull the trigger. Results-oriented performance is a different story. We think about consequences to bad shots, we focus on the trouble we experience, we get tense and we no longer act, we react. Does this ... More

Wish Making and Performance – Think About It!

Do you doubt me? Then ask yourself this: when was the last time you caught yourself tossing off phrases like “I wish that…” or “Well I guess that is just wishful thinking….” as if wishes were pretty much the last bastion of immaturity.  So the question then becomes, is making wishes – or even worse, believing in wishes that ... More

When is Too Much Practice – Too Much?

When is Too Much Practice - Too Much? When our minds become overloaded with varying degrees of stimuli, we suffer from a multitude of symptoms that manifest in different ways, but the end result is "stress". When overworked and overtired our immune system weakens and we are more susceptible to illnesses. Stress causes tightness and less ... More

Vision Statements for Seasonal Performance

A vision statement is just that: a statement of the vision / intention, or goal, of an organization, or individual athlete. The vision statement is a personal contract with yourself for ethical behavior, performance goals, and more specifically how you wish to portray yourself to yourself, the team, the college or university. The vision ... More