Mental Game Tip 25: Process Oriented Performance

Process-oriented performance is what we are most comfortable with. We pick a target, we go through a pre-execution routine, and we pull the trigger. Results-oriented performance is a different story. We think about consequences to bad shots, we focus on the trouble we experience, we get tense and we no longer act, we react. Does this ... More

Aker’s (49ers) the Best Kicker Ever – Is it Mental?

Some might say that Akers got lucky, since his kick did hit the cross bar and then bounce in. I think it only added to the ecstasy of the moment; the reaction of Akers, his teammates, and their coach, Jim Harbaugh, was priceless. Akers is a telling reminder that hard work, determination, and self-confidence trump all. He is the king of the ... More

Calming Game Day Nerves

Everyone gets a little nervous before a big game or athletic event. However, for those who experience the severe symptoms associated with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the quality of their athletic performance will often suffer. The relationship between anxiety and athletic performance is so strong that a whole field of psychology -- sport ... More

The False Impression of Control

"If you go from the gut, from the heart, from the core of truth within you, you already know where you are attaching to control. Your life is speaking to you.  You're life is already showing you everything that is off kilter."  Kate Swoboda. I see this every day in my own life, my friends, as well as with many ... More