Procrastination Undermines Performance

Procrastination is at the root of performance failure for many athletes. Many of my students of all ages are experts at avoiding the inevitable. "I will get to it later," the well intentioned person says! What's the payoff for putting things off? Tips to overcome the things that undermine performance. Procrastination is at the root of ... More

Getting Athletes to Embrace Mental Training

How does a parent or coach get an athlete to buy into the need for mental training?. One parent asked me recently, "She is really having a bad time with her performance and she knows it, but sees mental training as a something to fear." More

Fortune Telling and Fear Go Hand in Hand

When athletes become overly concerned with what other people (coaches, teammates, parents, spectators, media, scouts, etc) think about their performances they often engage in a process often referred to as mind reading. During the mind reading process the athlete makes certain assumptions about what others think about him. This predicting can ... More

Excelling Under Pressure – What Does it Take?

I am reminded of my own performances of the past and how being under pressure can cause all sorts of haywire things to happen. The pressure may come from a missed execution, a missed call, an error, or simply not being able to battle through a tough situation in a game or event. Athletes who perform under pressure usually enjoy the ... More