Calming Game Day Nerves

Everyone gets a little nervous before a big game or athletic event. However, for those who experience the severe symptoms associated with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the quality of their athletic performance will often suffer. The relationship between anxiety and athletic performance is so strong that a whole field of psychology -- sport ... More

5 Ways to Overcome Fear of Success in Sports

Overcoming fear of success requires you to admit you are the #1 road block to your success in the first place.  This sounds strange coming from someone who thrives on success, but I run into this all the time with athletes who want it really bad, but unknowingly end up becoming their own biggest hurdle to success. Feeling the fear of ... More

Gary Mac on “The Desire to Achieve” –

“Be motivated by your desire to achieve rather than your fear of failure.” – Gary Mac Athletes can achieve by taking one of two approaches; either you are motivated by fear of failure and try to avoid what you don’t want to happen, or you can identify a goal you want to achieve and set a plan in motion to get it done.  Fear of ... More

3 Tips to Win at the Blame Game

After a tough loss or even a big win where your sports kid makes a few errors, what habits and behaviors do they exhibit after the game. Do they blame the loss or errors on external factors like the condition of the field, the officials, crowd noise, or the opposing team? If this happens your kid is in the process of or has already ... More