Interview with Dr. Joe Degutis (Audio)

Dr. Joe Degutis is a research scientist at Harvard University specializing in the area of visual attention in neuropsychology. A graduate of University of California - Berkeley Joe has been a world ranked triathlete having competed at the national collegiate championships in 2005, and other collegiate and professional events.  Listen to ... More

Interview with Sean Wasserman (Audio)

Sean Wasserman, high school varsity basketball, and water polo; now competing as a water polo goalie at Claremont McKenna College in Southern California. The junior recently helped lead his team to the final game of the SCIAC Championship tournament.  As a senior Sean is gearing up to have another successful season. Here what Sean has to ... More

Interview with Nick Pereira – SF Giants (Audio)

Nick Pereira is a graduate of San Francisco State University, and a professional baseball pitcher in the SF Giants organization since 2006. Nick brings a unique perspective to mental game and offers some important tips for young athletes who have a desire to take their sport performance to the next level.  Listen to what nick has to say. ... More