Be Comfortable with the Zone

Recently, a Jr. Golfer came to me frustrated about losing a recent tournament. He had been winning the tournament by one stroke for 36 holes and was playing one of the best tournaments ever until he missed a 4 foot putt on the 5th hole of the final round. Missing that putt caused him to lose focus, and he started to worry about whether he ... More

When is Too Much Practice – Too Much?

When is Too Much Practice - Too Much? When our minds become overloaded with varying degrees of stimuli, we suffer from a multitude of symptoms that manifest in different ways, but the end result is "stress". When overworked and overtired our immune system weakens and we are more susceptible to illnesses. Stress causes tightness and less ... More

Getting Athletes to Embrace Mental Training

How does a parent or coach get an athlete to buy into the need for mental training?. One parent asked me recently, "She is really having a bad time with her performance and she knows it, but sees mental training as a something to fear." More

Facts about the Benefits of Mental Training

Let's take a moment to touch on a few "Truths" about Mental Game Coaching. ________________________________________________________________________ Fact #1: Mental game coaching helps athletes apply mental game strategies resulting in consistent performance and helping the athlete reach their full potential. The idea is to FREE the mind ... More