Taking Practice to the Competitive Arena – Hockey

College Hockey Player: I am a college hockey player.  I spend a lot of time at the rink practicing my skating, shots and defensive blocks.  I am very comfortable during practice and my coach says that he wishes I could play in competition the way that I play at practice.  No matter how much I practice, it doesn’t seem to improve my ... More

I really want to improve my confidence – High School Tennis Player

High School Sophomore Tennis player: I am a high school sophomore tennis player and hold the #3 singles position on my team.  My coach tells me I have the skills to be #1 on the team, and to take my game to the next level.  Unfortunately, when I ask my coach to be specific about what I need to do differently or what skills I need to ... More

Setting goals to reach my performance dreams – College Swimmer

Division III Swimmer: I am a Division III college swimmer living in Michigan. Last year as a Junior I was very close to breaking the school record in the individual 100 butterfly, but due to an injury I was unable to finish the season. All summer I worked very hard to recover from surgery and improve my stamina. Everyone advised me to keep ... More

What to do when an athlete has a fear of the unknown – Gymnastics Coach

Gymnastics Coach: A young level 10 gymnast is having a difficult time executing a vault routine. She has been trying for a long time and has developed a belief that she is incapable of achieving success. Then suddenly one day on her first try executes the routine cleanly and successfully.  She comes back the next day to try it again and the ... More