What Coaches Want From Athletes – Basketball

I have been working with high school and college basketball athletes for a number of years and it amazes me how important communication is on and off the court.  There is the support that the bench gives the team on the floor. There is the nonverbal and verbal communication the coaches, trainers and team doctors give to the players on ... More

Case Study #7- Golfer

I worked with a top 50 high school golfer this year. Most of his issues were about a poor focus at the start of the round.  Most of his distractions were internal (such as negative thinking), but he also was pulled off task when outside distractions were present. As we talked more, I found out that he plays his best only after dropping some ... More

Goal Setting Leads to Goal Achievement

Dear Coach John, I’ve been reading a lot lately about the importance of goal setting, but I’m not sure where to start.  Do I start with only big goals, or do I start with smaller goals that I know I can achieve? I want to make sure that I’m setting my goals high enough that I can achieve them to keep up my motivation.  Is there is a ... More

The Benefits of Tracking Performance – Basketball

Captain of the Basketball Team: I’m so excited!  I’m captain of my basketball team.  I’ve been keeping a journal for the last three weeks and today is the last day of my week, and time to celebrate my weekly progress.  It’s really great to see the progress I’ve made in just a week and I can’t believe how much this boosts both ... More