About Coach John Ellsworth

John Ellsworth, MA – Master Mental Toughness Coach

John Ellsworth Mental Toughness Coach in San Jose, CAJohn Ellsworth holds a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology with a specialization in sports psychology and is presently a doctoral candidate in the field. John brings a multifaceted approach to the mental aspects of sports and health. Combined with his expertise in clinical and applied sports psychology, John has extensive experience coaching, teaching, and consulting with professional, elite, college, high school, and middle school athletes. In addition, John’s personal success in professional and amateur sports is testament to his ability to apply the concepts he teaches: goal setting, perseverance, life balance, belief in self, and mastery of the mental game.

John is available to consult and counsel with athletes at all levels, sports teams, coaches, families, and organizations. John is also available for workshops and seminars. John is a member of the AASP, NASPSPA, APA Division 47, and CAMFT.

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Radio Interview – (2 mb MP3 File)

This 7 minute radio show clip covers the basics about sports psychology including how it helps athletes improve performance by refining mental skills such as attitudes, beliefs and thoughts.