Mental Game Tip 24: Fear and Performance Roadblocks

depositphotos_53042077_m-2015Most of the time, an athlete’s fear is worry related to poor results – whether prior to performance or during a performance. Athlete’s often fear the negative consequences of their performance. They worry about the things that are often not under their control.  The threat athlete’s feel can sometimes be irrational and not based in reality. Getting injured on the high beam is a rational fear. But, worrying about what others might think about you if you hit a bad shot or make a poor play is often not rational and is based on false assumptions you make about others beliefs about you.

Take a moment to assess your fear. Write down 5 Fear of Failure signs, and then its corresponding Reaction. For example: Confidence in practice, but loss of confidence in competition after a couple of mistakes.  Reaction:  You played with more tension and did not want to make any errors or mistakes.  Finally, write down a Rebuttal to the Fear.  Example: My practice prepares me for competition. The only things I have control over are my attitude, behavior and execution of my skills.  My performance only matters to me because I am the one executing the skill the best way I know how to.


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