Mental Game Tip 23: Attitude, Behavior & Execution – The Formula for Success

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Several years ago, a major advertising campaign focused on the principle, “You are what you eat.”  In the world of sports psychology and mental endurance training, the principle becomes “You are what you think, act and execute.”

It has long been known that thoughts, attitudes and beliefs power behavior.  Those athletes who have a “can do” attitude, who trust in their skills, who believe they have the talent, who focus their thoughts on the task, consistently perform better than athletes who can’t harness their mental toughness.  How you will execute a task –whether simple or complicated—depends upon your attitude and behaviors about that take.  For example, if you want to slice a tomato, likely you have performed the task so many times that you believe you can cut the tomato; you then have the confidence in your ability to slice the tomato and successfully execute the task.  It is no different with sports or with any other task needed to be performed.

The next time you are concerned about your ability to execute a task, whether it is a speech to your boss, or to raise funds for your charity drive, start by changing your mindset (thoughts, attitudes and beliefs).  You’ll quickly discover that making these changes will ultimately result in a successful execution!

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