Mental Game Tip 21: Mind Reading and Performance Excellence (got ya!)

Second and third graders have a saying that goes something like this: “Paranoia will destroy ya!”  Of course, this isn’t the nicest comment to make to each other, but they are kids and to quote Art Linkletter, “Kids Say the Darnest Things!”

The reality is, however, that this childhood saying is accurate. When you start mind reading, or believe thoughts that YOU can perceive how OTHERS may (or may not) be thinking about you, the ability to perform with excellence is drastically decreased. While many may claim to possess psychic abilities, most of us do not have this supernatural power. Becoming stressed or worried about what others may think about our performance is only adding unnecessary pressure to an already volatile situation.

The reality is that few people rarely take the time to consider and dwell on mistakes, errors or flaws, let alone actually even think about them.  Give yourself the freedom to perform without the make-believe restrictions of others thoughts. Letting go of the mind reading anchors may be enough to watch your performances soar.  After all, you and only you are the one in control of your performance.

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