Mental Game Tip 20: Practice to Performance a Critical Transition

One of the most common problems I encounter in my practice as a mental game coach are athletes that perform exceptionally well in practice, but perform poorly in competition.  There are numerous reasons why athletes “choke” in competition, but the most common include issues around confidence, composure, fear of failure and concentration/focus problems.

A thread that bridges all of these issues is a single common denominator, the athlete’s attitudes, beliefs and thoughts are what power their physical skills.  To transition from practice to performance requires changing the mindset to one that empowers and trusts in the learned skills.  Whether you’re a business person, a scientist, a teacher, parent, or athlete, to succeed you must believe that you have refined your skills in practice (or in repetition) and are ready to enter the “performance” or “competition” arena with complete trust and belief in these skills.  Once you can trust in the skills you have spent weeks, months or years refining, you are now mentally empowered to make the transition from “practice” to “competition” with great ease!

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