Mental Game Tip 19: Quiet Mind Equals Calmness under Pressure

Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed everything seems to be going at a fast-pace and you can’t seem to think clearly?  Taking a moment to quiet your mind can lead to great calmness even when under great pressure.  Using relaxation techniques can help you to focus our energy inward to limit the amount of external distractions.  I like to think of my breath, or focused exaggerated deep abdominal breathing as my silent partner. As you become more focused on your breathing, your heartbeat, and even a specific movement you will find that your mind becomes more relaxed and can easily reach a more calm state. The next time you are facing pressure, instead of simply taking a deep releasing breath, try to let go of excess thoughts and distractions while you exhale. Connect the distraction to the exhale by slowly repeating three times on the exhale “I am releasing this distraction from my mind”.  It is important to release the distraction on the exhale. Exhale slowly and the distraction will slowly move on into the atmosphere.  You may be surprised at how calm you suddenly will become, and how quickly you will master stressful situations.

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