Mental Game Tip 18: Quiet the Inner Critic

The old adage says “I’m my own best critic” and how true that can be!  No matter what happens most of think we can be exercising  more often, practicing our sports routines with greater frequency, eating a more balanced diet, getting better quality sleep, and so forth.  Let’s face it, busy lives lead to busy schedules and it is harder and harder to balance everything into a short 24 hour period!  The problem is, however, that our inner critic, that little, inner voice, tells us that we aren’t good enough, that we should be doing more, working harder, spending more time taking care of our bodies and our families.  That loud voice begins to eat away at our self-esteem, and our belief in our abilities.

Building strong mental toughness means drowning out the inner critic by focusing on the good stuff – being appreciative of the great things you do have, the talents you possess and embracing the skills you have refined.  Once you start believing in yourself, your attitude starts to change and soon your inner critic all but disappears!

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