Mental Game Tip 17: Expectations – # 1 Roadblock to Peak Performance

The mind’s eye is a powerful tool.  Think about it – we all have illusions about how we think we should look or feel.  We have expectations of dropping those 30 nagging pounds just 2 months before our class reunion or tightening our tummies before participating in a wedding party.  And when the big day comes, we can’t help but feel slightly disappointed because we didn’t quite meet our goal – we’re a few pounds shy or our tummies aren’t as flat as we had hoped.

Whether in sports or in life, setting realistic expectations is how you achieve success.  It’s a little known secret that setting goals that are too high, and thus unachievable, will most likely lead to failure.  So, the next time you have a big event—like those holiday parties where you want to want to look your best—focus on goals you CAN achieve.  Instead of losing 30 lbs, strive for 5-10 lbs, and then the next 5-10, but first accomplish reaching the first goal.  Instead of focusing attention on a waist-hugging outfit, think instead about a beautiful, richly colored sweater or jacket that highlights your smile or the sparkle in your eyes.

Remember, expectations can make or break how you perceive your success.  Establish a base of success by first setting goal # 1, and then achieve it.  Set goals wisely and be sure the expectation to achieve success is not out of your reach and therefore success limiting.

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