Mental Game Tip 16: De Stress the Easy Way – One Step at a Time (DONE)

Did you know that most of the stress we feel on a daily basis has to do with worrying about the future? For example, if we want to live healthier, we focus on dropping cholesterol, improving our heart rate or losing weight. Then, if the goal is set too high, we become discouraged or frustrated. It is then, that stress sets in, and many people give up.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate stress, reach your goals AND boost confidence is to start by “focusing on the process” rather than the end result or outcome. Instead of focusing on the need to lose weight, focus on incremental steps you might take to reach your goal. By focusing on the incremental steps it is possible to achieve mini successes along the way and therefore build confidence. Perhaps this might mean eating leaner meats, taking quality vitamin supplements, exercising or watching the quantity of food eaten. When you stay in the present moment by focusing on the process, you can achieve goals incrementally by letting go of unhealthy beliefs or unrealistic expectations one step at a time.

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