Mental Game Tip 15: Getting it Right, It’s OK not being perfect

Oh, to be perfect.  If only we could be so lucky.  But, the reality is that we are all humans, and imperfect at that.  No matter how much we try, practice, or establish routines, we are still doomed to make a mistake, be forgetful, become ill, be distracted, and the list goes on.  Being perfect is something that most strive to achieve, and some actually believe that anything less than perfection equates to failure.  One of the most challenging obstacles to overcome perfectionism is often masked by a strong work ethic, determination and persistence to do a good perfect job.

The reality is, however, that these tendencies often are symptoms of a perfectionist who is unable to settle for anything less than perfection.  Perfectionism often stems from extremely high expectations, or fear of failure.  To stop perfectionism in its tracks, set expectations lower – think of more achievable performance objectives or mini goals –, recognize that all humans make mistakes and you are likely going to make them yourself.   Most importantly, remember that being the perfect human means accepting your imperfections!

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