Mental Game Tip 12: Support a Healthy Belief System with Good Mental Habits

Did you know that one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is based upon your beliefs and philosophies about your health habits?  Beliefs, thoughts and attitudes– whether in sports, health, exercise or eating patterns– can make or break a person’s ability to follow-through with a task.  Focusing on positive thoughts — such as believing that you have the will power to refuse unhealthy eating or fitness habits — can boost your ability to reach your objectives faster and maintain them over a long period of time.  Since everyone is apt to miss a workout, or give-in to a craving for a tasty, chocolate cake, keep a journal of your successes, rather than fixating on failures.  Focus your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes on what you have accomplished and feed yourself a healthy dose of positive self-talk to keep you focused on your objectives and more easily overcome those time-to-time temptations!

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