Mental Game Tip 11: Goal Setting reduces the Frustration

Frustration in sports comes as a direct result of not having fun or getting the intrinsic rewards you desire out of sport competition. Not having fun can be a result of sport specific skills not matching up with the challenge at hand, or performance expectations are well beyond the current skill level of the athlete.

One parent came to me wondering how she could help her daughter achieve her goals. I asked the parent a series of questions; (1) who established the goals in the first place? (2) Are the goals set by your daughter or someone else for your daughter? (3), were the goals written down? (4) Are the goals measurable? (5) And are the goals achievable or in line with her skill level?

The critical success factor to this equation is to let athletes choose their own goals, while at the same time offering guidance to help them set goals that are achievable and will build confidence and enjoyment. When athletes set their own goals, they are more likely to take ownership in them and stick to them.

In my recently released book, Mental Edge – Performance Journaling System I have developed a series of steps to help athletes, parents, and coaches with the goal development. This process takes one through goal creation, performance plan development and short term execution strategies designed to monitor performance and build success.

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