Mental Toughness Challenge #9: Strategies for Overcoming Adversity

During the presidential elections in 2008 it was interesting to see how each candidate dealt with adversity.  Some opted to withdraw from the race, other persevered on and undeterred by the experience.

Adversity among athletes is much like these elections.  Some athletes crack under the pressure.  And others seem to thrive even in the most difficult or stressful of situations.

The speed by which an athlete can overcome adversity is directly proportionate to the athlete’s mental toughness.  In other words, the more focused, the strength of his/her confidence, and the ability to reinforce behavioral improvements with mental skills, the better the athlete will perform.

I challenge you to think about how you can learn to do things differently.  How can you use the challenges you are faced with to define who you are and how to leverage the abilities you have?

Ask yourself:  What part of my sport do I enjoy most?  What motivates me to perform better?  What emotions do I feel when faced with adversity?  How do I regain focus even when under extreme stress?  Do I dwell on errors and mistakes, or do I allow myself the freedom to make them?

As you spend more time in practice think about how you will answer the question at the end of your sports career, “You’ve been blessed with some great talents.  Tell me what you’ve done with them!”

In the words of Jim Abbott (one handed baseball pitcher), “Work hard, don’t look back and celebrate!”


Want to know the secrets to overcoming adversity with ease?

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