Mental Toughness Challenge #8: Confidence Building by Tracking Success

Top athletes are successful because they have discovered what it takes to trust in themselves.  They have developed and refined the confidence that strengthens their physical and technical skills.

One of the methods used by top athletes is to keep track of their successes.  For example:  an athlete may list specific tasks or activities that have resulted in successful outcomes.  They use these past situations to boost confidence.

The beauty of this journal is that you are creating your own path and on your own terms.  You’ll learn why you succeed and why you fail and use this information to further improve your performance.

I challenge you to track your accomplishments.  When you wake up in the morning write down the goals you wish to accomplish in your sport.  And then that evening, write down your accomplishments and what you have learned.

Ask yourself: What positive things can I say about my performance today?  What positive thoughts am I thinking, right now, about that performance?  What things do I wish I could change?  What negative thoughts came to my mind as I was performing?

Use the information you track in your journal as a map to developing your mental toughness skills!


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