Mental Toughness Challenge #7: Process Focused Mindset

In sports, goals are important to achieving new levels of success.  However, these necessary goals can sometimes be a detriment if an athlete focuses too much on the goal, especially when under stress.

For example, a basketball player who knows she must make a shot to win the game in the critical last seconds may focus too much on the objective.  However, if she looks for the triggers that will help her enter the zone, trusts her physical skills and focuses on the process of execution she will likely achieve her goal.

The main difference between these two – Goal focus vs. Process focus – is that a goal focuses the athlete to think about the ‘what if” scenarios and worry about the outcome.  A process focus on the other hand, allows an athlete to perform more freely, enter the zone faster and remove expectations.

I challenge you to remember why you started in your sport.  If you’re like most athletes, my guess is that you thought it was fun and enjoyed the process being involved in the sport!

Ask yourself: Do I focus on the task or on the outcome?  Do I feel less tense/pressure or more when I’m in the critical moments of play?  When faced with a task tied to the outcome can I trigger my thoughts or images related to the process?  Do I find motivation fluctuating from day to day?

Remember that great athletes focus on the process and often don’t check results (or scores) until they have bettered their execution in their minds.  This ultimately makes these athletes enjoy their sport, adjust their motivation and improve performance.


Wish you enjoyed your sport as much as you did in the “early days”?

Send me your request by filling out the “contact us” form at  I will then arrange time with you to talk about how focusing on the process of execution will enhance your performance and boost your motivation!

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