Mental Toughness Challenge #6: Beating Fear of Success

All athletes strive to get the win.  They train and practice hoping that refining physical and technical skills will ultimately increase the potential to win and defeat competitors.  With each practice, the odds of success increase, or do they?

For some athletes the fear of success can actually hinder success.   Thoughts about how life will change after success, fears about the expectation teammates, coaches, parents and spectators may have about an athlete can lead to ineffective routines.

What fears of success do you have that may be hindering your performance as an athlete?  I challenge you to confront your fears and create a plan to overcome them.

Ask yourself:  What are my most common fears about success?  A loss of privacy in your life?  Worry about the demand for constant repeat of success? Decrease in time for myself and/or my family/friends?  Raising the bar too high to achieve?

Once you’ve identified your fears as they relate to success, you can then set up a plan to diminish those fears and focus on the effectiveness of your performance.  Start by first identifying the people in your life that will support your success, even if you make mistakes along the way.

Then look for ways for you to put your success in the proper perspective.  After all, you’ve worked hard and have earned the right to be successful.  Take the time to celebrate your triumphs and reinforce yourself for the hard work.

And finally, know where you are going and have a plan to take you there.  No matter how successful you may become there is always room for improvement.  Create a plan that helps you improve your strengths and refines areas which need improvement.

You can avoid the fear of success simply by refusing to allow yourself to become your own worst enemy!


Need help discovering the fears that are holding you back from success?

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