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My Daughter’s Golf Game is not improving – High School Golfer

Golf Dad: According to my daughter, I'm getting in the way with her progress because am overly critical. She requested that I not walk with her on the course any more. She is not making good strategic decisions on the course and her game is not improving. She rushes her shots, and does not seem focused. She gets frustrated ... More

Beating Performance Perfectionism – Cross Country

Cross Country Mom: My daughter is very hard on herself if she doesn't perform very well the first time she attempts anything. She has been running cross country in high school for two years and has won more competitions than lost, but her behavior when she does not come in first place. So, how do we help her deal with her ... More

The Seven “C’s” of Championship Team Building

Janssen Peak Performance The Seven “C’s” of Championship Team Building By Jeff Janssen, M.S., Peak Performance Coach Former Boston Celtics basketball Coach Red Auerbach once remarked “Some people believe you win with the five best players, but I found out that you win with the five who fit together ... More