Mental Toughness Challenge #4: Vision Statements – Inspirations for Success

Celebrations in sports are usually remembered as cheers, wins and championship trophies.  However, every day is an opportunity for you, an athlete, to celebrate your accomplishments.

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of practice and competition.  You may go about your practice as usual.  You may go into competition playing well and with a positive outcome.  But do you take the opportunity to find the joy in the success you are achieving?

Climbing to the top of the “winner’s” mountain requires you to take one step at a time and to believe that you can get to the top.  As you become a stronger player, both physically and mentally, I challenge you to spend time daily tabulating the successes you’ve achieved whether large or small.

Ask yourself: What is my vision statement (or inspiration for my future)?  What do I believe that I can do better than my competitors?  What goals have I set for today, tomorrow, etc.?  What objectives have I been able to reach?  How will I celebrate my “victory” in reaching my long, intermediate and short term goals?

What you hope to become will be greatly influenced by your belief in yourself.  Creating a vision statement which rewards your daily accomplishments will keep you connected and moving forward.


Want to establish a vision statement that includes rewards for goal achievements?

Contact me by filling out the “contact us” form at I will then arrange time to talk with you on the phone and help you create a vision statement that builds in rewards for daily accomplishments.

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