I think too much over the ball – Golfer

What should I be thinking, or what picture should I have on my mind during my swing?

Coach John’s response:

Before you address the ball I suggest having completed step one of your pre-shot routine behind the ball. First visualize a target, the trajectory and flight of the ball and make a commitment to this strategy. Many of the golfers I work with do not commit 100% to each shot and doubt there ability to execute with precision.

The next step is to focus on being relaxed, centered, and balanced. You can achieve this by using a breath work routine. When you stand over the ball, you must confirm your target. If there is any doubt of target then back away and start over from the beginning. When over the ball there is no doubt, but only commitment to execution. Take a final look at the target, and then repeat your swing thought or execution cue with a clear “in the moment.”

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