Mental Game Tip 14: Pre-Surgery Strategies for Athletes

Sustaining a serious or season ending injury is devastating to any athlete. Equally as mind bending is the prospect of surgery, then recovery, and finally the doubt and confidence challenges that come during the rehabilitation process.

I have always been a big fan of pre-surgery mental preparation. I have incorporated a plan of this type for many athletes preparing for surgery.  One of the most important requirements for a positive surgery outcome is the mind set going into the surgery.  Below is a short example of a small part of a college basketball athletes approach to pre-surgery preparation and her outlook to the post surgery process.

I choose to go into surgery with NO EXPECTATIONS about the outcome, however I choose to believe the process will reveal a positive solution that will give me the opportunity for a complete and successful recovery.  My mind is a powerful healing tool.  I choose to use my mind and all of its power to guide
me through my surgery and the recovery process.  No matter what others say or do – my success is a direct result of my daily commitment to act on my plan to recover fully from surgery and preparation to make a stronger performance statement on the basketball court.

To learn more about “pre-surgery mental preparation programs” or to download a series of Positive Self-Talk Statement “Flashcards” for pre and post surgery support please go to and search the articles data base for the article entitled, Pre-“Surgery Strategies for Athletes.”

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