Mental Toughness Challenge #2: Establishing Performance Goals Designed for Success

In sports it most athletes focus on long term goals.  While long term goals are important to improving performance, short and intermediate goals are equally important.  As you work through your routines, take your practice and your competition activities one day at a time.

Just as you can’t force someone to like you, you can’t will yourself to perform better.  The biggest challenge you will encounter as you strive to be the best athlete possible will be for you to allow the process of performance enhancement to come about naturally.

Some days will seem more challenging than others, but it is important to never lose sight of where you are, how far you’ve come and strive toward future goals.  The hard work you put in each day will pay off and you’ll take great pride in the rewards of your success.  But most importantly, the end result will be truly amazing.  Keep with it!

I challenge you to review your performance at the end of each week.  Think about what you’ve done and what techniques you used which improved your performance skills and mental toughness.

Ask yourself: What are this last week’s top five achievements?  What do I need to do to maintain and continue the growth I made this past week?  What will be my top three performance objectives over this coming week?

As long as you continue to strive for long, intermediate and short term goals, you’ll eventually reach your objectives.  The key is to be patient with the process, trust in your abilities and instincts, and never lose faith in what you can accomplish with due diligence.


Need some help setting long, intermediate or short term goals?  Wish you knew more about how objectives can help you reach your full athletic potential?

Send me your request by going to the “contact us” page at I will then arrange time to talk with you on the phone and help you set goals and define measures to evaluate your progress

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