Mental Game Tip 2: Success is Based on the Environment You Control

Whenever we succeed at something we want to succeed at it again. Sometimes we look for reasons to support why we succeeded.

I know it sounds strange, but when repetitive success is difficult to achieve we attach hopes and dreams to the things we believe are directly associated with our success like an apparatus configuration in gymnastics, or an instrument like a specific golf club, hockey stick, or baseball bat. If the environment or instrument changes we fear whether or not we will be able to achieve success in this new and altered environment. We want success to repeat so badly we feel paralyzed from fear.
Look at it this way; in the previous successful environment how many aspects of the environment you are in direct control of remain constant? List the things that are the same! For example in a gymnastics vault skill execution the following will generally remain the same; the pre-execution routine, the runway, the spring board, the vault itself, the skills you execute, etc. The things that are different – well – they might include a different configuration of mats, the time of day you execute the skill, the sequence of events, the lighting in the room, the of people in the room and so on.  Now, did the things that changed actually relate to what you had in your control?

The important thing to remember is that your skill success or failure has 95% to do with the things you had in your control and not the things that were out of your control.  At the end of the day the success has to do with your ability to execute the skill regardless of the environmental or tools changes.

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