I Worry About the Future – Soccer Player?

My question is…. How do overcome the worry of the future? I worry that I might not be able to make it to the next level. I am from the United States playing in a foreign country and many things count against me, politics, the fact that

I am not local, plus the stigma that soccer players from the US are not as skilled. In country it is difficult to gain the respect of others and I try, but do not seem to be able to make it too the next level. Also, I worry a lot about my  performance when I do get in the game.  I really want to show others (coach and teammates) I can play?

Coach John’s answer:

First create a set of goals.  Be sure these goals are achievable in the foreseeable future. As you achieve the goals you can make them more challenging.  Then commit to your goals and know you will make it instead of doubting that you can make it. Execute on a plan to master the skills relevant to your goals. The doubts about your skills mastery are holding your back. If you have doubts about your skills you will have doubts about making the team. You have to do everything in your power to think about being at the top and not letting anything hold you back!

One way to eliminate doubt is not to question your ability in practice or competition. Work on one or two specific skills each day in practice. When doubts enter your mind you want to refute your doubts by reframing them. For example, your doubt may be “am I making the right passes correctly.” You might reframe this doubt by stating, “I have made these passes correctly 100 times before so trust in what you know and execute with trust.”

Also, forget about the future and focus on today, what you have to do to get better and reach your goals. Try to focus on the execution and what processes you need to complete to play successfully. In soccer, you need to focus on being decisive in your play making and focus on your feet position.

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