Mental Game Tip: Mental Preparation for Critical Games

“Mentally you know how to prepare yourself better for games and put the other stuff on the side and clear your mind for when the game starts. You’re more aware of what matters and what doesn’t. And you just know how to mentally prepare yourself for games and be ready to play when they do start. Because there is a lot of stuff going on.” – – Chris Osgood – Goalie for the Detroit Red Wings.

Big game pressure is always a reality especially when preparing for the critical games. Clearing the mind is a mental game strategy you can learn to master the night before a big game or even right before you enter the arena. It’s critical you leave behind anything and everything that will not positively support your successful execution that day. This is done by using a very specific “pre-game preparation” routine. The chance to participate in the “big game” let alone win the Stanley Cup is a lifetime dream for many. Before you walk on the ice give yourself the best chance of success by being 100% mentally prepared and distraction free.

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